links for 2010-02-24

Budgeting’s back in vogue, and these websites make it easier – The Boston Globe It seems in these tough economic times people want to have a better understanding of their money… (tags: banking innovation) Great Recoveries: Major Banks Respond to Negative Blog Items Immediately (NetBanker) A blogger tells us what it feels like when a […]

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links for 2010-02-22

You're Using Social Media but Just Who Is Overseeing It All? – Advertising Age – Digital So who is responsible for Social Media? HR? Marketing? PR? Customer Service? Everyone? (tags: socialmedia strategy) 6 Principles of Selling In Your Project | Brand Elevation Through Social Media and Social Business | Altitude Branding A great list of […]

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links for 2010-02-19

The Dividends of Trustworthiness – Research – Harvard Business Review Do you have "a track record of behavior that demonstrates benevolence, integrity, and capability."? If not it looks like you might struggle to get your ideas accepted. (tags: innovation trust influencers) The Wisdom Manifesto – Umair Haque – Harvard Business Review 'Are you wise — […]

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links for 2010-02-18

The Future of User Interfaces Everyone loves a list and here is a quite comprehensive one of future UIs… (tags: interface ui usability) Nanofibers Developed For Energy-Producing Clothes | Clothes that can create electricity? Surely Nylon has been around for years 😉 (tags: innovation) 10 ways you know youre with smart people – BankerVision […]

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We Love Technology

Last week I attended ‘We Love Technology’ which was part of the LoveBytes festival in Sheffield.  The day was billed as ‘the latest adventures in the creative  use and misuse of emerging technology. Ten informal presentations by pioneering artists, designers and technologists exploring the theme of digital craft’‘ Which I think sums it up nicely […]

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