I am a consultant specialising in digital transformation, corporate innovation, collaboration and creativity.

From strategy to delivery and with almost 20 years experience in financial services I bring expertise in how new technologies are effecting large enterprises both inside and out, covering both the technical impacts but also the cultural shifts required too.


I am a highly accomplished technologist and innovation specialist, who having achieved great success within financial services, is now seeking new, exciting and challenging opportunities within the field of innovation. I was previously employed by HSBC for over 17 years, the last 7 of those as a Technical Innovation Manager; during my time there I built a strong reputation as an internal consultant and evangelist for current and future technologies as well as associated trends. Now it is time to try my hands at that and more outside of a massive bank.


Since June 2016 I have worked with a number of great companies looking to the future of financial services and related industries.

  • I was brought in to 11:FS to work with a key client, leading delivery of several large digital projects. I recruited and ran a delivery team. I also delivered several internal projects, helped transition and embed a new marketing team, hosted the Fintech Insider podcast several times, as well as preparing the content for the shows. I hosted several video interviews for Fintech Insider, contributed articles to their company blog and also a number of public speaking engagements.
  • Worked with Hill & Knowlton on a global RFP for a large multinational payments firm looking to be seen as more ‘fintech’ as well as cementing their position as the leader in their segment.
  • Advised on a digital banking innovation landscape report for a UK bank in conjunction with Adaptive Lab.
  • Worked with The Foundation and the Good Lab to investigate the potential for growing charity revenues by integrating with the insurance sector.

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