Category: Futuristic Film Money

The Island (2005)

Set in 2019 this dystopian flick on clones being created for insurance purposes features some interesting future money scenarios. Wearable wrist bands provide nutrition information and allowances for the clones but also allows them to buy drinks. When the escape the island and arrive in real world 2019 the credit cards of the world are still plastic, still swipeable and can be used in bizarre MSN Search booths.  

Swordfish (2001)

A computing interface classic, a classic wire transfer interface. Hugh Jackman transfers the money, spread across multiple accounts at the demands of John Travolta’s overblown terrorist character, but then just as he is about to leave the numbers on the screen start moving back to zero. Classic wire transfer and recall switcheroo. 

Minority Report (2002)

One of, if not the, most iconic use of design fiction in film so I expected far more future money but no. Amex get a mention during the famously creepy personalised retina based advertisement scene. We don’t quite see how Tom pays for his drugs. We do see that Tom pays for his new eye balls with what appears to be a magstripe credit card. judging by the way it is gleefully swiped. EMV still not fully rolled out then by 2054 in the US. Not a shock to be honest.  

The 6th Day (2000)

Arnie awakes in a daze in the back of a cab. He pays his fare with a simple press of the thumb on the touch screen taxi meter. He does not even question the exorbitant fee.

Demolition Man (1993)

Wesley Snipes demonstrates his hacker typing skills to crack into a futuristic phone box / terminal that gives him access to automated banking (maybe he was checking his tax returns). His frustration at the interface leads him to swear for which he is fined and given a paper ticket. The paperless world was still not with us in 2032. 

The Fifth Element (1997)

A lot of people have suggested the Multipass as a futuristic film money example. It is not clear what exactly the Multipass is but it is used as some form of identity and also bears the Visa logo so we can assume it is also a payment method / product placement.

First suggested by Jack Gavigan

Judge Dredd (1995)

The servo recycled food robot gets on the wrong side of Stallone’s Dredd. He has no desire to insert some creds. Underneath the glossy(ish) veneer of automated vending he finds a human. A hacker no less who amongst other things has previous for interfering with cash machines, so they are still around in 2139. A cashless society is clearly a way off. 

Mission: Impossible-2 (2000)

Text book banking transfer tension, fake UI, money is moved at a pace to suit the action, nobody realises the back office paper processing that will need to be done to make the transfer real.

Street Fighter (1994)

Bison Dollars. A classic fictional currency featuring the face of M. Bison the dictator of Mriganka. The exchange rate of Bison Dollars is 1BD = 5GBP, although that is dependent on the Bank of England pegging it at that rate following the kidnapping of the Queen.

In Time (2011)

‘Live your life a minute at a time’ says the trailer in big, bold capital letters. Everyone has an embedded count down timer in their arm. You earn time to live. The poor die at 25. The rich live forever.

Fantastic premise for a film let down by awful acting, seems to be the gist of this from those that have seen it. Enjoy the trailer and decide if you want to see more. I really need to watch it soon for research purposes.

Suggested first by Pete Hotchkiss