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Judge Dredd (1995)

The servo recycled food robot gets on the wrong side of Stallone’s Dredd. He has no desire to insert some creds. Underneath the glossy(ish) veneer of automated vending he finds a human. A hacker no less who amongst other things has previous for interfering with cash machines, so they are still around in 2139. A cashless society is clearly a way off. 

Street Fighter (1994)

Bison Dollars. A classic fictional currency featuring the face of M. Bison the dictator of Mriganka. The exchange rate of Bison Dollars is 1BD = 5GBP, although that is dependent on the Bank of England pegging it at that rate following the kidnapping of the Queen.

In Time (2011)

‘Live your life a minute at a time’ says the trailer in big, bold capital letters. Everyone has an embedded count down timer in their arm. You earn time to live. The poor die at 25. The rich live forever.

Fantastic premise for a film let down by awful acting, seems to be the gist of this from those that have seen it. Enjoy the trailer and decide if you want to see more. I really need to watch it soon for research purposes.

Suggested first by Pete Hotchkiss

Total Recall (2012)

A couple of interesting little future money displays in this needless remake. An interesting First Bank ATM shows off its fancy UI while Harry tries to give Quaid some life advice.

Secondly the cash in the biometrical safety deposit box features President Obama on the Federation of Britain 50 note. The 1000 note features the directors father.

Soylent Green (1973)

The death benefit disks are seemingly one of the the most valuable forms of currency. Exchangeable for either 200 D’s in cash or 250 D’s in food coupons. You can then buy some tasty Soylent Crumbs for just 2 D’s a bag. Although the rich bodyguards seem to be buying jars of strawberries for 150 D’s a pop. Some people are just made of money…some food is just made of…

I am not sure of the name of the currency other than just D’s. If anyone can enlighten me that would be lovely.

Artificial intelligence (2001)

‘Question me you pay the fee, two for five you get one free.’

Two questions for Dr. Know cost 5 new bucks with a third on the house. Ten new bucks and a ten copper = seven questions for David as he tries to find out who the Blue Fairy is.