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Anon (2018)

Netflix on a Black Mirror/Minority Report lite kind of vibe. In mind interface design with a few examples of purchases. One for a hotdog…one for a erm hot date. Frictionless purchase experiences and interfaces a lot of people dream of. The killer in the piece only takes cash apparently although we never see them paid but we do see some coke bought with it. ‘Remember cash?’ Clive Owen moodily muses. While there are still illegal drugs there will still be cash.

Casino Royale (2006)

The classic digital money transfer suitcase. Alphanumeric keypad. Password intrigue. Comedy Swiss Banker. Awful dialogue. Suggested by Scott Smith

Swordfish (2001)

A computing interface classic, a classic wire transfer interface. Hugh Jackman transfers the money, spread across multiple accounts at the demands of John Travolta’s overblown terrorist character, but then just as he is about to leave the numbers on the screen start moving back to zero. Classic wire transfer and recall switcheroo. 

Street Fighter (1994)

Bison Dollars. A classic fictional currency featuring the face of M. Bison the dictator of Mriganka. The exchange rate of Bison Dollars is 1BD = 5GBP, although that is dependent on the Bank of England pegging it at that rate following the kidnapping of the Queen.