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Week 50 – 18/08/19

A weird mix of a week that seems to have gone really fast (so fast I forgot to do a week note on Sunday evening). Also because I have to go back to work soon I suspect.

Walked up Win Hill with the boys.

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Been up Win Hill with these two puddings

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Also had a little walk round the Limb Valley.

My Sister visited with her 3 kids. All the kids played very nicely together. When they were not outside they spent most of the time on Gang Beasts.

Went Ten Pin Bowling. My eldest Son gets very frustrated becuase he cannot get a strike. then again so do I. Should be easy to hit that middle pin. Also the holes in bowling balls seem to be for people with fingers like twiglets as I have a hard time finding one my thumb fits in. This has the benefit of being used as a good excuse ‘I can’t grip it properly’ etc.

Went to another leaving do at my previous employers. One person leaving of his own accord. Another one due to a disgrace of a screw up with employment visas by said employer. Hardly anyone left in the engineering team and I heard about more that were leaving. What a mess. Company culture is such a fragile and important thing.

Discovered we had missed three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale. Thought the ending was a little tame a few weeks ago. The real ending was much better.

Finally got Product Tank Sheffield announced. Looking forward to starting running an event with a few other, thankfully more organised, folk. First one September 12th and we are looking to do it every few months. Looking at the current sign up rate we might have a venue that is too small….a good problem to have.

Week 49 – 11/08/19

I have been on holiday in a place called Wald Newton about five miles away from Filey. A family holiday with my in laws and sister in law and kids cousins etc. We stayed in a lovely house and the weather was excellent when it was forecast to not be so. A lovely part of the world. A great holiday.

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Cousins all together in the sea

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Theresa and Phil woz ere

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Cayton Bay

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Saturday I went to ‘fortress’ Hillsborough to see Wednesday play very well and beat Barnsley 2-0. I enjoyed it very much. Excellent week.

Week 48 – 04/08/19

What I left out last week was the fact I had accepted an offer of a new role. As of the 27th of August I will be doing some product stuff for a nice company in Sheffield called Qualsys.

They make Governance, Risk and Compliance software. It is a new field for me as it is not financial services this will however force me to focus more on product processes and structure rather than relying on my knowledge of FS to ‘know’ what we should be building. This is a daunting challenge but one I am looking forward too. I get the sense they are a very willing and supportive bunch which will differ greatly from my previous place of employment. Looking forward to it.

On Friday we headed off to Filey (well a few miles away on a village called Wald Newton) for our annual week away with the in laws. A good couple of days so far. Weather pretty good, converted barn nice and spacious, Filey has a lovely beach with plenty of rock pools and shallow water to swim in. Scarborough tomorrow for a more classic seaside experience and a reminder of my own childhood holidays. Looking forward to having some cockles.

Week 47 – 28/07/19

This week contained my last official day at U Account. I have been “working from home” since my role was put at risk but my official end date was the 26th with pay in lieu of notice period to follow. A weird end to my time there. Went in Wednesday for a final consultation meeting which lastd about 60 seconds as a woman I do not know told me my role was definitely going and did I have any questions? When am I getting paid my notice money? She did not know. Thanks for everything. Bye.

I have had several interviews over the last few weeks. I had one last interview to do and it did not go well. A real lack of rapport between myself and the interviewer and it was quickly worked out we were not right for each other. I asked questions which I am sure made sense but I was made to feel as if I had said the most stupid thing in the world. I beat myself up about it obviously.

In contrast I went for an informal chat with someone at another company who had no roles right now but was keen to meet. He was a great interviewer and we just had a lovely chat about making things, the politics of doing so and the engineering of fibre optics. I went for another chat with someone who was contracting with the government and again we had a really great chat about the challenges of interviews and the calibre of people they were getting through.

Thankfully I do not have to do another interview for the time being as I have accepted an offer from somewhere that also took a far more informal approach to interviewing and then offered me a role when I was actually expecting a more formal itnerview to be the next step which caught me unawares and I had to wait before accepting as I had other things lined up. Got a good feeling about the people there and more to say about this in the future.

Thankfully someone else in my old team also got a job before we officially finished our current one. She is going to a great company run by great people that will allow her to grow so much more. Proud.

Friday was for leaving celebrations. A few of us were leaving on that day so we had a good turn out. The drinks lasted long and a few of us made it until around 4.30. I will really miss these people but I will not miss the hangovers they have given me. Drinking with people in their 20s is not viable for a 43 year old.

Finished series 3 of the Handmaids Tale. Mixed kind of series. Got good towards the end as she found her way for the next series. I needed a similar sort of revelation although thankfully not brought about quite as brutally as poor June.

Week 46 – 21/07/19

Another week of job hunt fun. Three interviews, more applications and an offer of an interview next week kind of out of the blue. Lots of good progress and learning by doing. I also still have another offer to consider but I have to decide really what I want career wise.

One of my interviews was at the Dean Clough Mill in Halifax which is somewhere I worked 20 years ago as a labourer. Amazing to see how that place has evolved from the days when I was smashing up an rebuilding an old Sun Alliance office.

Two of my interview this week were with senior product people who had been doing this kind of role for a long time so it was good to test myself and also compare myself to them. Both were very smart, articulate and really nice people. I could see where I needed to improve to reach that level but I also was frustrated a little by the thought of things like If only I had done X or taken opportunity Y then just maybe. Futile thinking in some ways but also makes you focus on what maybe I should be focusing on more. Hard to do sometimes when you are neck deep in a role and don’t make the space for thinking about your future but that is just a shit excuse isn’t it?

I got a call out of the blue on Friday from a company that had approached me when I first announced I was leaving but I had heard nothing from for a few weeks so thought it was a no go. Turns out that was not the case and I had a great chat with their head of HR and I have a further interview next week. Was a great end to the weekend. I now have three things progressing really well in Sheffield which is a great feeling but I just want to get the right role accepted.

Went for lunch with an ex-colleague who was part of my team. Lovely to catch up and she gave me an amazing leaving gift. So gutted not to be continuing to work with good people at U Account but glad I got the chance to do so.

Went to my sons summer school concert. A very cute mixture of random songs including a million dreams form the greatest showman, the planets song by storybots and shotgun by George Ezra. Very enjoyable but something a little wrong about 5-7 year old’s singing about bikini bottoms and lager tops.

On Thursday I went to a beer tasting at hop hideout. My friend and I went a few years ago for a tasting and it was brilliant. Learnt so much about beer from Jules and it was great to go again but this time for a different chat. Jules knows so much about how beer is made but we actually spoke more about the beer industry and the challenges of what craft is today, the illusion of choice and how beer is getting distributed and sold. We also had some very nice beer. Support your local beer shop and go and drink at the hop hideout if you are in Sheffield.