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Week 66 – 09/12/2019

Works Xmas do week. A trip to market Rasen races. Did not win a thing. Had a lot to drink. Did not embarrass myself too badly. There may have been some dancing though.

Penultimate sprint of the year complete. Starting to shift focus onto different areas of the product now.

Went to another leaving do at my old employers. Was about 50/50 split between people still employed there and people who are not. A good sign of how special the group of people that worked there were if only for a shortish period of time. Glad to have been involved.

Managed a single run after the Percy Pud. One is better than none. Started to make a plan for my half marathon training that will start on the 6th of January. All about not doing to much health damage over this festive period!

Week 65 – 01/12/2019

Things I enjoyed last week.

Enjoyed doing my first demo to the whole company even though it went wrong at the start. Enjoyed my first Friday lunch pub visit with colleagues.

Enjoyed flexing my grumpiness against HSBC in this Linked In post.

Enjoyed being invited to a slightly clandestine meeting about hosting inclusive events and learning what it feels like at events that are less than inclusive from a point of view that I do not have.

Enjoyed listening to podcasts on my Tuesday and Wednesday driving commute. I enjoyed Rule of Three with Katy Brand talking about the Red Dwarf books and Dirty Dancing. I enjoyed the comedians comedian with Ellie Taylor because I could relate to a lot of what she was saying about imposter syndrome and not fitting in but less about being an ex-model.

Enjoyed buying some presents for some people. Enjoyed organising Amazon wishlists.

Enjoyed the Percy Pud 10k. Enjoyed running only about a minute slower than last year while weighing about 10lbs more. Enjoyed two pints and a mince pie afterwards with Faye and Jack.

Enjoyed watching football cuddled on the sofa with my six year old. Leicester vs Everton randomly. Enjoyed watching One world, Seven Planets after the football cuddled up on the sofa with my nine year old.

Enjoyed skipping the posting of my week note on my regular Sunday night slot to go to the pub with my wife as we had babysitters i.e. my parents are visiting.

Enjoyed a visit to a new localish pub called the Two Thirds Beer Co. Enjoyed the pint of Lervig Tasty Juice I had there too.

Enjoyed this different format weeknote.

Week 64 – 24/11/19

Short note. I am tired.

Very productive work at week. Delivery team got through a ridiculous amount of stories.

This week we held our second ProductTank Sheffield event. It went really well. Speakers were fantastic. Good venue with generous hosts. A few drinks after to network and relax.

Went to a 50th birthday party in Wallasey. It was great. Lots of drinking and dancing and laughing.

Watching Succession season 2. It really is a fantastic piece of work. So many amazingly horrible characters.

My son finished the first book of the Dark Materials trilogy. I have watched the TV show to see if it is suitable for him, and becuase I wanted too, and it is so we watched the first episode of that today. He enjoyed it a lot and I enjoyed that a lot. Love it when he gets in to new things.

Week 63 – 17/11/2019

Good week. Met with our designer for the first time. He is an occasional contractor with us as we don’t yet have an in house team. Was great to discuss a few UX queries I have had around some patterns and behaviours. We seem to have drifted from the original wireframes over time as we build lots at high speed. We are all keen that the system we launch is as good as possible and a few tweaks and changes now I think will be very beneficial. We have started with the beginnings of a design system to bring some rules to key elements, buttons, links, sections, fields etc. To give us a stronger framework to build on and also to have us learn more about design as a whole.

Product tank Sheffield S02E02 approaches. Walked through a talk with one of the speakers and it is great.

Managed three runs this week for the first time in ages. Pleasing but painful as I am struggling to lose weight. Two weeks until the Percy Pud 10k and I will certainly be pudding like trundling round but at least I might get round.

Talking of which, three impromptu pub visits brightened the week further.

I have been reading Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials ahead of the TV show being on. I also wanted to see if both were suitable for my nine year old. He started reading the books today and has got straight into them which is always a joy. Still not sure if the TV version might be a bit.much for him. Will keep watching to make sure.

Week 62 – 10/11/2019

Stressful week and not sure why. A bit too much going on and not sure I have enough of it in control.

Trying to focus too much on the process over doing the actual work. I don’t think I have the right skills and experience to really feel like a designer but maybe I should be more confident in that area. Maybe a bit worried it won’t be good enough but I should just make some stuff and make it as good as we can with the things we have.

Sheffield flooded again. Not too badly where I live and work. The defences built after the last flood were just high enough to prevent our office being flooded again.

Managed to run twice. First a tortuous 5k on Monday then a slightly better 8k on Saturday. The flooding scuppered my other planned run to work on Thursday.

Went out for a meal with a friend. He knew the chef who was putting on a night in a pub. We also went to the football and it basically turned into a great day of drinking and eating and slightly annoying result fro Wednesday. I also had to pay £43 for a ticket which is horrific.

Enjoyed the FKA Twigs gig from Maida Vale on iPlayer. She is such an amazing performer. Spellbinding.