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Week 33 – 21/04/19

Think I realised what I like to do most. I don’t want to be investigating the constraints or working out what the measures should be for the product I want to be doing the designing once all that important stuff has been defined. Coming up with ideas on how to solve problems and design interfaces and services and stuff. I know this is a bad thing and is part of the designing…but it is annoying doing all that other stuff, well a lot harder than it should be.

I got called out for giving a negative update to some senior folk. A long project that is dragging way more than we hoped and I was pretty down about lack of progress. The people doing the graft though need me to be more upbeat especially as they are doing hard painful work to get this thing live and need motivation to continue. Really glad I got called out on it.

Thankfully it has been a lovely Easter Weekend. Friday a first trip to the National Videogame Museum. It is a bit average and needs some one with a bit more taste and love for video games. I wish Tigershungry could be involved in making it better. Saturday we finally got our kids a Nintendo Switch they had been saving for over a year. Went to the oldest football ground in the world. Had lots to drink with friends. Sunday we went to Longshaw and then for pizzas and more drinks. Lovely weekend. Sunshine is great isn’t it.

Week 32 – 14/04/19

Some stuff happened at work. Some good. Some not so good.

I enjoyed Mike Bracken’s post on digital transformation.

Today I ran the Sheffield Half Marathon and it was ridiculously difficult again. Got a personal best but it felt like a failure as the last 8k were so slow. Managed 2 hours and 20 mins. Was hoping for at least 5 minutes quicker. Let’s try again next year.

I am very tired and I can’t type anymore.

Week 07/04/19 – Week 31

Had a day off work for my youngest’s birthday on Monday. Took both boys to Air Haus a warehouse filled with a massive inflatable playground. I regret not going to play on it myself. That being said we bought him a skateboard for his birthday and I treated myself to one too because that is what a 43 year old man should do to conform to certain stereotypes. I had said to myself I would stay off it until after the half marathon. I should have stuck to that as I thought let’s just try a few ollies. Managed to land a few and was very smug. Beverly decided to video proof and of course I promptly decked it.

Back to work Tuesday and it has been a weird work with some big changes to the company and our team. I missed out on some chaotic changes on Monday and felt a bit guilty about it and also a bit jealous as there is nothing like a good bit of everyone working together on an emergency.

On Friday I went to an exciting event in Manchester. A Pay.UK roundtable on their new major projects, Confirmation of Payee and Request To Pay, at the chamber of commerce. Reminded me I don’t know enough about payments as there were jargon and acronyms being sprayed around that went so far over my head they lodged in the ornate ceilings and mocked me further from above.

At the weekend as part.of extended birthday celebrations I took my youngest son to Hillsborough to witness the majesty of Sheffield Wednesday. He loved it…up until Villa ruined it by scoring two goals in extra time. Welcome to life as a Wednesday fan son. Result aside I loved it.

Been a bit ill for over a week now. Since my son had tonsillitis last week the rest of the family have had chesty coughs none of us can shift. Worried that my peak half marathon fitness will have debilitated…useful excuse though for when I don’t finish 😉

Week 31/03/2019 – Week 30

Today is my birthday. 43 years old. I have had a lovely day. It is my sons 6th birthday tomorrow.

Looking backwards it was a rubbish start to the week. One of our great devs is leaving us. It feels like our transformation efforts are a little stuck. People felt on edge about a few things and lots of irritation around. I am also feeling a bit powerless. Annoyed about losing sight on some key changes. Made mistakes. Lacking focus or just spread too thin? I might have had a few drinks today. Next week will be better.

Anyway what about some good stuff looking forwards to being 43? Yes. The tough week will be better next week. A big release we have been working on is frustratingly close. We get that out of the way and lots of people will be happier. Me for certain.

I have made some good life changes this year. Lost some weight. Made running more of a habit. Running a half marathon in two weeks time hopefully faster than I have before. I am often too hard on myself. I really should not be. 43 will be a good year.

Week 24/03/2019 – Week 29

A glimmer of hope at the end of a massive project tunnel can just be spotted. It is a fragile light and I don’t wish to jinx it but the big infrastructure change we are working on is so close to getting released. God I will be so glad to get it over the line so we can build upon the great changes it brings.

This week I got a great reminder of the value of people able to bring order to chaos, to cut through noise, bring understanding and get everyone to a common goal and clear outcome. Two great examples of that this week from two people who made my life easier in a couple of very tough meetings. These are also skills I need to work on, especially anything to do with data.

I went to see a card supplier this week which was properly fascinating as I finally got to see how debit cards are made…well the personalisation bits of the production as the blanks that are embossed and encoded are actually produced elsewhere. Still a fascinating factory process with a good mix of automation and manual effort.

Back to running after a week off. Felt pretty good but I skipped a long run on Saturday morning in favour of a few beers on Friday with people after work. So little willpower.

My kids behaved well on a morning before a school run this week and the effect on my stress levels before starting the day was remarkable. More of that please children.

On Saturday a day out in Buxton with a few friends. Went to see Buxton FC vs Scarborough then a few beers round the town. Buxton Brewery and their Tap House bars are fantastic. Another local brewery have a newish pub that is an old converted bank branch called Redwillow. Great beer and pork scratchings. We also managed to play pool after midnight and then went to a restaurant that had transformed into an impromptu drum and bass night. Good day out.

I liked this post on different types of weeknotes. Might give one of these a try next week.