Weeknotes 02/12/2018 – Week 13

Another good week of squad work. Finished a sprint and we over achieved in some areas and missed a bit in others. I guess if you want to be dogmatic about it that means we failed overall but we are doing things a bit differently so I am classing it as a win. Loving see the team grow and work together better each week. We are doing lots of varied work and have had to pull in another big piece of work which varies it further but we keep on going and I am enjoying it immensely.

I am still struggling with how to define work. Getting the balance right between doing it all myself and doing something far more collaborative. I also don’t have the time to do it justice. Forgot about how to make space for that myself. Like a shit midfielder. Good ones seem to have that extra yard and time on the ball. One to work on because we need to make more time at work for design and definition. Everything feels like it is a rush because we have so much to do. The art of working out is not appreciated it is only delivery that is celebrated.

In exercise world I did a 10k race today. The legendary Percy Pud. I managed to get round in 59 minutes which I was very happy about. My legs aren’t too happy about it now mind you. This note is being written 13 weeks after starting back running, so couch to 10k in under an hour is not bad going for a 42 year old currently weighing around 16 and a half stone.

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Pudding prize #PercyPud

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My reading efforts continue well. Decided to finish the Slow Horses books by Mick Herron. Polished off Real Tigers and Spook Street. Now onto the last one in the series, London Rules. I tried another book but it was not working for me, I am too into Mr Herron’s wonderful story telling and he also is masterful at using the fart to star in his writing. I am not a high brow reader it seems.

‘This place is as messed up as it looks, isn’t it?’ ‘You know me,’ said Lamb. ‘I always demand the highest professional standards.’ He farted, though whether as illustration or punctuation wasn’t clear

And another…

Trust me, there’ll be keyboard warriors joining the dots as soon as this hits the Web.’ ‘We’ll wrap it up before it comes to that.’ ‘The next sound you hear will be me, expressing confidence.’ He farted, and reached for the cigarette behind his ear.

I must lead more like Jackson Lamb.

Talking of great leaders, albeit less windy ones, I saw this week that Ben Terrett had been deservedly awarded by the RSA as the first Royal Designer for Industry for Service Design. One of the smartest people I have met. Do read this post he wrote after receiving the award.

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