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Week 53 – 08/09/19

First full five day week at the new place. The culture continues to shine through and it is a very pleasant place to work. What I am starting to spot though is the things in the product that I want to fix. I am trying to hold back jumping to conclusions about things that seem obviously broken until i can understand the wider context of the product, why it works like that from an interface point of view and also from an organisational point of view. I got to visit my first two customers this week as well and it was enightening in many ways. The quality managers were proud advocates of the system but were also not afraid to get stuck in with some tough feedback for things it (and the company) needed to do better. Firm foundations but some improvements needed on some of the bits above ground.

A boozy child free weekend was enjoyed. Friday was a friends 40th party followed by late dancing in The Washington. Saturday was the funkfest at Abbeydale Brewery, a celebaration of all things sour in beer land. Lipsmackingly good. Top and tailed with Engalnd beating Bulgaria and a visit to Dead Donkey Cafe and back to a friends house for needless late beers. Good week.

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At the funkfest. Excellent scales.

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Week 52 – 01/09/2019

A full year of weeknotes. Well done me.

Started a new job. I am looking after product at Qualsys. A firm that makes Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) software. The first four days have been brilliant. Really great people and a very good culture. Great feeling too it all. Just need to get to grips with the product and how it is made, sold, supported and what needs doing to it to make it even better.

Got weighed this week after a lazy unhealthy summer. I was expecting to be just over 17 stone but I was actually only just under 18 stone. Looking back at week note 2 I was in a similar post summer state last year so bad that I started week notes and wedid make some big life changes so hopefully can get back to them quickly.

This week has been a much healthier week. Massively reduced calorie intake, no booze, first run in ages, a pedestrian 5k that hurt but still better than this time last year when I managed about 2.5k, some kettle bells and hiit workouts. Lost 6.5lbs in just under a week so far.

Booked a holiday to Marrakech on the 26th of October. I have set myself a few goals to achieve by then.

Lose 21lbs
Run 3 times per week
Be able to touch my toes – This one is the least likely to be achieve, I am so inflexible
A different exercise two times per week e.g. Running and something else like Kettles, Hiit or Spinning
Less than two hours per day mobile screen time – another tough one when I currently do between 4-5 hours per day….Christ
Read at least 4 books
Run to my new place of work by the end of September – It is about 9.5k away so should be doable. Took me until November last year to run to work and that was only 8.2k.

A decent start made on all the above. Just need to maintain it to return so some semblance of health. I have been thinkingabout some larger long term goals around health that I really should make a commitment to.

New reading. Finished Joe Country by Mick Herron a couple of weeks ago in Filey. Not finished much else this year though. Got a few half finished books all on the go, Tim Maughan’s Infinite Detail, Stupid Arbitrary Goal by Tamara Shopsin. In a bid to tackle my screentime issues I have removed the phone charger by my bed and got some books on an old Kindle Paperwhite. The upshot of this is that this week I have polished off those two books and a short story by Stephen King called Elevation. Now it is time to elevate myself with some arbitrary stupid goals and stop being a lazy fat shit.

Week 51 – 25/08/19

Late again.

Most of my week was spent in Wales. Two days child free which meant me and my wife could go out drinking and eating what we wanted. A day trip to Colwyn and Conwy to do just that.

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Guess who is most drunk?

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The rest of the holiday was just as good once the children were duly returned by their grandparents. Lots of beach days. A trip to the Llandudno toboggan run (an annual family pilgrimage). A visit of the newish Sun Centre 2 on Rhyl front which had some great slides.

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Watching it go for six

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Pier and a misty mount

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All in all a good end to our summer holidays.

Back to work on Tuesday at a new thing. Looking forward to it a lot.

Week 50 – 18/08/19

A weird mix of a week that seems to have gone really fast (so fast I forgot to do a week note on Sunday evening). Also because I have to go back to work soon I suspect.

Walked up Win Hill with the boys.

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Been up Win Hill with these two puddings

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Also had a little walk round the Limb Valley.

My Sister visited with her 3 kids. All the kids played very nicely together. When they were not outside they spent most of the time on Gang Beasts.

Went Ten Pin Bowling. My eldest Son gets very frustrated becuase he cannot get a strike. then again so do I. Should be easy to hit that middle pin. Also the holes in bowling balls seem to be for people with fingers like twiglets as I have a hard time finding one my thumb fits in. This has the benefit of being used as a good excuse ‘I can’t grip it properly’ etc.

Went to another leaving do at my previous employers. One person leaving of his own accord. Another one due to a disgrace of a screw up with employment visas by said employer. Hardly anyone left in the engineering team and I heard about more that were leaving. What a mess. Company culture is such a fragile and important thing.

Discovered we had missed three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale. Thought the ending was a little tame a few weeks ago. The real ending was much better.

Finally got Product Tank Sheffield announced. Looking forward to starting running an event with a few other, thankfully more organised, folk. First one September 12th and we are looking to do it every few months. Looking at the current sign up rate we might have a venue that is too small….a good problem to have.

Week 49 – 11/08/19

I have been on holiday in a place called Wald Newton about five miles away from Filey. A family holiday with my in laws and sister in law and kids cousins etc. We stayed in a lovely house and the weather was excellent when it was forecast to not be so. A lovely part of the world. A great holiday.

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Cousins all together in the sea

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Theresa and Phil woz ere

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Cayton Bay

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Saturday I went to ‘fortress’ Hillsborough to see Wednesday play very well and beat Barnsley 2-0. I enjoyed it very much. Excellent week.