Please can someone improve Twitter lists

I have recently been creating a number of Twitter lists. These list are being created from spreadsheets of names that I then search Twitter and Google to see if they have a Twitter account. I then store the URL to the account in a spreadsheet against the name. I then create some lists in the spreadsheet. I then cut and paste the URL back into the browser and add the person to a list or lists. I usually hit the hourly API limit after about 70 entries.

This manual process is a fucking ballache.

Why is there no way to batch create Twitter lists from a list of Twitter usernames or URLs? What I want to do is to copy and paste a list of usernames or account URLs into a field, give the list a name and a description and then click a button to create the list. Also why is there no way to search for people based on their email address? I can get round this by adding email addresses to an email account and then using the find my friends option but this is extra manual work and I am lazy. These people may also not be my friends so it feels like a lie.

There are many other things I would like to fix with Twitter lists e.g. Why can’t I copy and paste between users? Merge lists? why can’t I manage them on the Twitter for iPad app? The bulk creation of them is most pressing. Anyone with some coding skills fancy knocking up an app to fix this?  It might be a good project for me to try and learn some coding skills but as previously mentioned I am lazy and I am also an awful programmer. Better yet Twitter people fix your functionality. I am willing to pay for this feature (Why are there no ProAm features?). Plea over.

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