Friday Reading #10

February Friday. Double figures on Friday Reading posts. Time marches on regardless. Here are a few things that I read and I liked for various reasons including but not limited too….They were interesting, amusing, on a topic that is occupying my mind, awe inspiring, about toilet training etc. I hope you enjoy them for your own reasons.

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Report: Most People Are Just Trying To Get By

“‘Sometimes we have a number of different ways we can solve a problem. Often, the way of solving it we choose is the way that’s easiest, or that doesn’t (seem to) cause as many other problems (for us).

And lots of problems never get solved. Some disappear by themselves, but others are just kicked into the future for ourselves (or someone else) to deal with.’


Successful public service design must focus on human behaviour

“Perhaps the most powerful influence on human behaviour is other people. In a now famous early trial which is Behavioural Insights Team annual report, we found that adding a single line in a letter to people who hadn’t got around to paying their tax boosted repayment rates by around 15 percentage points. This line was to the effect that nine out of 10 people in their area had paid their tax on time.”


Identity Assurance: Who wants to be an Identity Provider?

“Who wants to be an Identity Provider? A lot more companies than know it today.”


The Abundance of Slowness

“When fear rules our lives, even the most amazing calling in life can be downgraded to a career. On the trajectory of fear, careers wane through the grey purgatory of jobs, and jobs break down in quivering heaps at the fiery gates of slavery.”


OXO, Crooks and Robbers…?

“Ideas are limitless and patents expire for a reason: to encourage competition, innovation, and the evolution of new ideas that ultimately benefit the end user. If patents never expired, we would have only one car company, and the cars they develop would likely not be readily available and affordable to so many people all over the world. Imagine that.”


Research Study: Whistle Away the Need for Diapers

“The woman then makes a special whistling sound to remind her baby,” Anna-Lena Hellström says. “The whistling method starts at birth and serves as an increasingly powerful means of communication as time goes on.”

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