Friday Reading #18

Friday you are a welcome sight after a tiring busy week. Not had much chance to read this week but here are a few things that caught my eye/brain. As I get back into work it seems I have an interest in posts about making things and I like people that share their working out so that is a bit of a theme. I am rubbish at making things. I have been wanting to write about that but well…like I said I am rubbish.


Restructing Britain

The problems we face today are those same problems that brought down modernism. We can’t control them with one solution, strategy or ‘five circled grid’. But just because you can’t control something, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.


Citibank: a flawed innovation process? No, but a ruthless one

I could tell you a lot more about the process and project, but I will not as I was sent a bunch of internal confidential documents by someone disillusioned with the process.


The New Kind of Worker Every Business Needs

To use a term I introduced in an earlier piece, people like these are engaged in “socialstructing” — that is, bypassing established institutions and processes for building new things, and instead working to create what they find missing in the world by communicating the need to their social networks, mobilizing whatever resources they have at their disposal, and pursuing solutions collaboratively.


How Do You Create A Data Driven Organisation?

A lot of companies play lip service to the idea but when it comes down to making decisions they end up being made by those that are more senior (by HiPPO: highest paid person’s opinion) or, worse, loudest, based on gut instinct, experience or opinion.


Fifteen modifications later, he threw it into her fantasies – The Warren Ellis Gun Machine remix

I like the idea of “Making Things Fast“, however I seem to end up making things slowly – which is why I’ve decided just to say “to hell with it” and write up projects as I go along.


Interview: John McAfee Answers Your Questions

Did you really evade the police by dressing up in a speedo and screaming at people in German, as you describe here?

McAfee: I favor disguises that change character rather than looks when running from the police. The German Tourist disguise was terrific. I looked exactly like me but no-one searching for me paid me any mind.


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