The shapes of things

In addition to last weeks post about shelves and boxes that fit them perfectly I have more dull thoughts about searching for things for my house. We have had a new bathroom fitted recently. We are at the finishing stages now and we are buying accessories. We are looking to solve an old problem and our new shower has brought about a new problem.

1. Why aren’t toothbrusher holders designed for elctric toothbrushes?

Tiny little pots that even in pairs can barely hold four electric toothbrushes and two tubes of toothpaste (adults and kids tubes). My Google searching has not revealed much that answers this tech savvy, dental hygeine aware, nuclear family need. Bravo to Next though who have.

Next toothbrush holder

Only downside is their range of colours / designs don’t match out bathroom. So close yet so frustratingly far. Next, please do a plain grey version of the sandstone range.

2. Why are there no bath mats that go round corners?

The door to our new shower is on a corner. I would like an L Shaped Bath Mat. I can only find this one which seems to no longer be made and also looks like it is from the 70s

l shaped

My only option it feels at the moment is to get a large square one and cut it. I mean it is 2015 can’t I 3D print / weave one on demand yet? No robo looms in the old mill towns of West Yorkshire? Pah. Better yet maybe a talented artist on Folksy could make one for me?

My interior deisgn inspired reckon today is something about spotting the ever changing user need. Designing an item with the bigger context in mind of how it will be used in an ever evolving space. Also why isn’t this stuff easier to search for? Come on Web 3.0 nerds solve this massively complex problem so lazy fat people like me can buy better bath mats and toothbrush holders. It is what the marketing dollars are VC funding you to fix.

PS: I need to think of some tenuous links to banks and stuff for my day job. I think user needs driven products is an obvious one to make though. Surely the Blockchain can solve this problem? It has been mooted to solve almost everything else. Done.

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