Weeknotes 23/09/2018 – Week 3

Started running again. Slow crawl back to 5k and then the slower longer crawl to 21k for the Sheffield Half Marathon in April. Running 3 times a week is all that is needed and hopefully I can stick with that habit.

On Wednesday I went to my first UX Sheffield event. The speaker was Ralf Mollich. He spoke about the ethics of UX, dark patterns, political challenges, dilemmas of the soul and the risks of speaking up. OK but a little on the short side.

Two design events in a week. On Friday I went to the future of service design event at the London College of Communication. This was not in the short side thankfully. Excellent event that mixed professional speakers with students studying Service Design. Highlights were Gustavo Burnier, J. Paul Neeley and Lauren Currie.

The fine teams at work got some things live that had been worked on for a few weeks now. That was nice. Next week we are due to kick off a couple of chunky programmes of work. Delivery teams are forming and it will be the first time I am part of something like this. We have a decent list of things we want to do (and I have an even bigger list in my head). Hard to not just want these teams to do my bidding and I am trying to be all agile about it but damn it is difficult. Joking aside what I am really looking forward to is a team of people building stuff together. Our ideas, our processes, our mistakes and our successes.

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