Weeknotes 28/10/2018 – Week 8

First week note written in a caravan and a different country.

The squad I am working with are building momentum and the first work should be in customers hands early next week. Really enjoying seeing people work together in a more focused way. Can’t wait to see what,we can get done over the next few months.

Very busy at the moment. Felt a bit swamped this week at work. I am having some problems getting things written down and explained. I wish I had more understanding of the concept of shared understanding. Struggling to stitch all the pieces together in my head and get them down or better yet some sort of coherent roadmap. But now I am on holiday. In a caravan. in another country.

Not much family stuff in these notes. I think I want them to be more work based as I try and work stuff out. On holiday though for some of the week. Today we went to see a Roman Helmet statue in Prestatyn, a walk by the sea in Rhos-on-Sea and then we went for a run along Prestatyn front with the boys on their scooters. It was a lovely, sunny freezing cold autumn day.

Getting back into the reading habit. Finished The Dry by Jane Harper. Nice page turning thriller about a triple murder in backwater Australia. Started and finished The Consuming Fire by John Scalzi. Second book in his Interdependency series. Very good but finished way too soon just like the first. Still looking forward to the third.

Just watched Funny Cow with Maxine Peak and a lovely soundtrack by Richard Hawley. Not the cheeriest for a file about a stand up comedian. It is the law for Northern films to be gritty and a bit depressing obviously. A bit like this note, albeit without the grit. More of that needed next week.

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