Weeknotes 25/11/2018 – Week 12

A draining week navigating choppy and unfamiliar managerial waters. Problems, challenges and opportunities of various shapes, size shape and definition sprang up. All good learning I guess but I could do with a few more little wins and a lot less whines.

I am still on the hunt for a service designer but I am struggling to articulate why and to make my case internally to what problem I am trying to solve. Spoke with a colleague to get some help and they said to frame the designer as a BA for people requirements rather than business requirements which I liked. If I had more time and a greater ability to apply myself to learning something then the wider skillset of a service designer I something I wish I could. Easier to learn or be taught/shown/have someone with more experience do it better.

Ellie Craven did a nice write up of the Product People North event I spoke at last week. It also includes some lovely words about my talk.which cheered me greatly.

My number arrived for next week’s Percy Pud 10k run. Only managed one run to work this week. Was a little achey and stuff from football last week. Will try and get at least two runs

Finished the last two books of the Murderbot Diaries. Back to the Slow Horses of Mick Heron. A short story called The List and into a longer story called Real Tigers. It is about a rogue tiger team brought in to cause issues of one sort but it spirals out of control. I think I want a tiger team to come in and solve/cause issues at work but maybe with more software output than dead bodies.

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