Weeknotes 09/12/2018 – Week 14

Crunch time at work. A couple of sprints from a big delivery date, I know this is not very agile but here we are. Think we will meet our goals but it might be a bit of a push.

This week I managed to get to a couple of talks, both on Wednesday. First up was James Boardwell speaking as part of the Sheffield Hallam University Curated By series. Thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Learnt a lot and also got nostalgic about some of the classics James was referencing. Think it may have sparked a future blog post about formative years.

Also went to see a talk at Agile Sheffield on User Research.
It was half presentation half workshop hosted by Claudio Pires Franco, who is currentlyu working with NHS DIgital (who are doing some brilliant work and have some brilliant people). Perfect subject for some work we are trying to do at the moment. Unfortunately there was not enough time to do the workshop parts fully. I think it was more of a half/full day kind of thing rather than two hours it was attempted in. Still well worthwhile though.

A lazy week exercise wise post the 10k run last Sunday. My parent were staying with us for week too which means babysitters on tap which means lots of chances to visit places with special taps. 

Watched Mission Impossible: Fallout which was boring. Tom Cruise was more enthralling in his recent video demanding people switch off the motion smoothing controls on their TVs. Not been reading much either. Half way through Mick Herron’s London Rules which is pretty good but is Brexit/Fuax Farage related and it feels a little forced and too close to real life but not real enough. Jackson Lamb still hilarious mind you.

Took a trip to Hillsborough to see Wednesday vs Rotherham. First half as bad a display as I have seen there. The last minute goal in the half really was not deserved. Two quick goals in the second half by Rotherham had the ground on edge. Boos aplenty for the Jos Lukuhay who is surely on his way out. The equaliser was deserved but the game was very poor standard. Won’t be rushing back.

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