Weeknotes 16/12/2018 – Week 15

Busy week at work. We have taken on a huge project into our squad which we are dependent on but it has hit us hard and delivery beckons. Got to get better at finishing things. Do less, better. Planning for next year has begun and the list of work to do is long. Our new technical delivery manager thinks we should sweep away that old list, start again and make a far shorter one. I like this idea as it feels like a clean slate and should allow us to better control what work is requested, started and finished. We will see how that goes.

Finished reading London Rules by Mick Herron. Only The Drop left to go of the Jackson Lamb series. Started watcing Queen of the South, which disappointingly is not a program about lower league Scottish football but a poor Narcos rip off.

It was my lovely wife’s birthday. Some friends came round for drinks Friday evening, first time entertaining in our new (year old) extension and it went really well. Saturday we went for lunch at Dore Moor Inn and it was one of the worst meals I have had. Abysmal slow and clueless service and then expensive terrible food. One meal got sent back for being cold (and only half of the order arriving), then two others were barely edible. Dreadful. Avoid.

To celebrate my 3 year anniversary of taking voluntary redundancy HSBC I went for lunch with another escapee. A cheeky portion of Bhaji fries and a lovely pint of High Wire at the Rutland Arms. A lot has changed in the last 3 years and I am very glad I left. I can go back now though so if anyone wants to offer me lots of money and a far less frustrating role than I had when I was there previously then offer away but I won’t be accepting said offer.

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