Weeknotes 13/01/2019 – Week 19

First full week back at work. Very busy start to the year. Lots to get lined up to make the first quarter go as smoothly as possible. Big decisions to be made around our approach to mobile/web that will keep me and a few others busy for a while.

A few new roles published and a couple of key ones in there for a Senior UX Designer and Senior Front End Dev. We have made great hires in a few areas and now ss we strengthen quality in other important areas it will help us achieve more.

These new hires are also helping me improve. So much to learn from good people. Looking forward to that.

Back into the running and managed my longest so far yesterday. 11.7k and quite hilly in places. Tiring but enjoyable. The plan to run over 13k by the end of the month has started well.

Went to see Into the spider verse. One of the most visually impressive visual spectacles I have seen at the cinema. I am not a massive comic fan but this made me want to know more about them and get my boys into them.

We also went to an autism friendly screening for the first time which meant a quieter volume, no adverts and no trailers. 2 out of 3 of those things suited me too. Start sooner with fewer interruptions beforehand.

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