Weeknotes 27/01/2019 – Week 21

Exhausting week. Thursdays retro and sprint planning sessions were long and exhausting. A few mini grenades from the CEO. Spinning too many plates. None of them fast or well balanced. Focusing on product design, delivery and not much on the management side. Not cracked discovery. Design aspects of that either. Frustrating. We have some big challenges with mobile app delivery and decisions to make on our strategic direction in that area.

Overall I am feeling a bit average. Lost. Great people make space for more of the management but where do my skills lie? And where do they lay?

On the positive side a couple of great things shipped, our account homepage is almost complete (for now) and we have a much simpler login page. Not much time to celebrate though as we are a little trapped under a beast of a project which is so close to being finished but new issues make the finish line harder to grasp. Tough week.

Out of work I ran pretty well. On course to pass 100k for January. Managed a 14k run yesterday which was further than my end of January target of 13k. Pleasing. Dry January means I have lost weight and saved money (to pay the taxman) but I am very bored.

Watched Sally4ever. Bleak and filthy. Wish Sally had a bit more backbone but then she would not be in all this hilarious mess if she did. A lesson in there somewhere. I am not sure having a lesbian relationship is open to me as a solution however.

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