Weeknotes 03/02/2019 – Week 22

Another release and a major project (mobile payments) finally reached customer beta. Two other big projects still dragging on though. One step forward two steps back it feels like. Must remember to celebrate the wins.

We have made some good progress towards being more of product focused organisation. Starting to find our feet with scrum. Still a few challenges as still have some legacy projects.

We have started playing five a side after work. Managed my first game on Thursday. Could not go running on Saturday because of it. Too old.

I managed to run 105k in January in total which is the furthest I have ever managed in a month. Running to work has helped massively with distance and also habit forming. Unfortunately I don’t feel like I am getting any faster. Need to shift a lot more weight to achieve that I think.

Running has taken hold but my reading habit has fallen away. I want to get back to that but need a book to grab me or more likely I need to be more focused on it and try and read at better times than bed time.

Really need to find some variety to inject into these notes / my life because they feel very samey week after week.

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