Weeknotes 10/02/2019 – Week 23

Another week of fire fighting and herding and meetings and not enough thinking and proper doing. There is light at the end of these tunnels though. I can foresee space to do more longer term work, more learning opportunities and starting to do product properly. One day.

One of the things I have wanted to do more of is talking to customers. We have been very quiet of late due to not much major getting released. It feel risky when we can’t deliver quickly enough sometimes. Frustrating I can’t fix all the things people want (or even all the things I want). But we have a few things live now and a few more things close to live so it feels like a good time to start talking more. We have a little Facebook community group, starting to be more open with our plans there. Feels good but a little daunting.

In TV land we binge watched Sex Education. It really is very good. Weirdly set in England but clearly written for the US or maybe not. Either way the leads are fantastic as is Gillian Anderson.

In exercise news I managed four runs this week. In total I ran 44k and managed 17k in a single run which is beyond my target for February which is pleasing. It was a very windy 17k, running up Ringinglow Road in the remnants of Storm Erik was one of the hardest things I have ever done. Managed to do it though.

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