Weeknotes 24/02/2019 – Week 25

Normally when I see someone is doing weeknotes about their actual jobs I think “oh here we go, this’ll be extremely boring”

Alice Bartlett

I am enjoying the habit of weeknotes but I am stuck in a rut with it. This pattern of writing about work, a bit about TV, running other stuff and that is it. Not sure what I expected to happen as if I would somehow turn into someone more interesting or wind a way to write natural funny things like Alice. I should also learn to be less tough on myself. Here goes an attempt to write about something different.

We have been trying a new thing with our kids. Going to restaurants is a fucking nightmare. My eldest has an ASD and is a very, very fussy eater. We have decided enough is enough and we want to be able to go to restaurants. We have only been doing it for a few weeks but last Saturday we went to Kia’s. My son choose a cheesy sauce with penne dish and tried some very different looking garlic bread without blinking (an iPad in his hand might have helped). He normally only eats brown Aldi fusili with homemade cheese sauce and occasionally spaghetti bolognese. The feeling when he ordered and attempted to say formaggio and then just ate it without much hassle was a real joy for me and my wife that my poor writing ability does not allow me to do justice. Hopefully this experiment will continue and the results will be good.

In more tough parenting news my youngest is currently having a negative aversion to swimming lessons. We are not sure what it is really but it is getting harder and harder to get him in the pool even though he has been having lessons for years. He loves swimming and if we were going without the lessons he would be first in. The lessons are pretty tough but he is doing well and we cannot understand the anxiety of it. Think it might just be a bit hard for him and actually tiring. Parenting is a constant mystery and thankfully my wife is a far more patient detective than I.

To celebrate our wedding anniversary we organised the perfect gift to ourselves. Getting rid of said children for two nights (thanks in-laws!). Finally paid a visit to Public for a couple of nice cocktails. A brilliant transformation of a tiny disused space in Sheffield. Need more bars like that in our little city. Take a small thing and make it better.

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