Week 03/03/2019 – Week 26

I have managed to keep the weeknotes habit going for six months. Pleased with that. I have been writing these for myself. I was hoping these weeknotes would make me write other things as well but not done so yet. Maybe one day but I think I need another habit trigger. I have a reminder at 8pm on a Sunday for this and have stuck to it well. Maybe I should try another reminder on another day of the week. I have also not been sharing them in anyway. I did tell some people at work about it this week (Hello Charlotte and Faye) so maybe they will pester me to write more, or tell me to not bother 😉

On Friday I went to the second Product People North event. Great to listen to people who have made the effort to make a talk on a subject I am still learning. It is quite a government focused product group but plenty to learn. I enjoyed Ellie & Fiona who talked about Product Pairing. A more focused form of mentorship that was done on a day to day basis on a major project. Would like to give that a try sometime.

In February my running took a slightly annoying break as I managed to pull my hamstring. Had to take a 9 day break which meant I did not hit the distance target I was aiming for by the end of the month. That break has probably done me a bit of good though as managed a few personal bests this week and I feel like I am getting slightly fitter. I want to try and run 120km in March in the run up to the half marathon. Aiming to do a 19k run next Saturday which will be a big test of where I am. Let’s see if I managed that come 8pm Sunday night when I next return to typing words, unless I get bold and do something different in the week.

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