Week 10/03/2019 – Week 27

A big release at work this week that went very well. We finally completed our shift from Rackspace to AWS with just a few minor issues encountered. Excellent work by the hardy overnight trio that came in to get it done. Even better work by all the folk who have worked on this big shift for a long time. Not so good news for another release to our mobile app which slipped by another week due to an annoying bug we are struggling to squash. Hopefully be done next week and then we will only have one more big old project left to be slain.

On Thursday I had my first experience of caving. My Son’s Beaver group went to Carlswark caves in Stony Middleton. I went along as we were not sure how my son would react. Turns out he was absolutely fine but Daddy had massively underestimated just how cavey it would be. It was far smaller than I had expected, I was assuming it was caves you could walk through rather than stoop, crawl and wriggle on your belly through mud and water. One of the hardest things I have done and I was so tired after it but it was a great experience.

A good week of running. Managed a two PB’s on my different commute routes into work. On Thursday my hilly run to work was on the morning of the caving trip. Those two things contributed to me feeling very tired and stiff Saturday morning but I had been keen to get a ‘Big Run’ under my belt something in the 18-19k range. I really was not feeling like I would get that far when I was at the bottom of Knowle Lane (main hill on the Sheffield Half Marathon route) and my thighs were and arms were in agony but I just kept going. Got back home after 2 hours and 9 mins to a total of 19.9k. I was very happy and very, very tired.

The Big Run was (not) ideal preparation for the Indie Beer Feast on Saturday evening. I had been looking forward to it for a long while having bought tickets last year. It was a brilliant event once again. The organsiers, Jules and Will of Hop Hideout have brought lots of great beer to Sheffield and I wish them well in their new location at the old Co-Op building in Sheffield city centre. Opening on the 22nd I look forward to trying more great beers. Back to the Indie Beer Feast on Saturday and I managed to try a good few breweries offerings. These were all the beers I got to try (mainly halves I hasten to add, with the exception of a couple of thirds).

Blackjack – Smithfield pale
Turning Point – Headhunter
Wild card – Lime Berliner Weisse
Loka Polly – Chinook
Black Iris – Circle of snakes
Saint Mars of the Desert – Jack d’Or Saison
Neptune – Mosaic Pale
Cloudwater – Owt wi the owls
Torrside – Small IPA
Mbh – Unchained
Lost Industry – Found Grape Sour
Water Break!
Magic Rock – Luminance
Blackjack – Ekouanot Sour
Blackjack – Damn Fine Gooseberry

Good week.

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