Week 17/03/2019 – Week 28

A project that has taken way longer than it should finally went out last week. Mobile payments on our app has taken about over six months to get done for a variety of technical, organisational and historical reasons. Retrospective on Monday but we will not release anything in this way ever again. Big milestone, even bigger millstone.

Gave a presentation to our exec team on a plan for goals around three issues. Fought the urge to come up with a load of short term tactics to try instead mapping out where we were heading interface wise and organisation wise with how we deliver work. Think it went down well.

The organisation changes are a move to more outcome focused teams rather than project Tetris ones we have now. Next week will hopefully see a big shift in that plan and get us started.

No running this week due to being tired after the 20k run last Saturday and the shit weather of Storm Gareth. Feel guilty about the lack of running and being held back by/blaming someone called Gareth.

Struggling to find any decent films to watch at the moment. Watched the Ballad of Buster Scruggs and it did not grab me at all. First and last stories were ok but really not great. Weird week that seemed to fly by but not sure much of it stuck in my head so maybe the film was apt.

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