Week 24/03/2019 – Week 29

A glimmer of hope at the end of a massive project tunnel can just be spotted. It is a fragile light and I don’t wish to jinx it but the big infrastructure change we are working on is so close to getting released. God I will be so glad to get it over the line so we can build upon the great changes it brings.

This week I got a great reminder of the value of people able to bring order to chaos, to cut through noise, bring understanding and get everyone to a common goal and clear outcome. Two great examples of that this week from two people who made my life easier in a couple of very tough meetings. These are also skills I need to work on, especially anything to do with data.

I went to see a card supplier this week which was properly fascinating as I finally got to see how debit cards are made…well the personalisation bits of the production as the blanks that are embossed and encoded are actually produced elsewhere. Still a fascinating factory process with a good mix of automation and manual effort.

Back to running after a week off. Felt pretty good but I skipped a long run on Saturday morning in favour of a few beers on Friday with people after work. So little willpower.

My kids behaved well on a morning before a school run this week and the effect on my stress levels before starting the day was remarkable. More of that please children.

On Saturday a day out in Buxton with a few friends. Went to see Buxton FC vs Scarborough then a few beers round the town. Buxton Brewery and their Tap House bars are fantastic. Another local brewery have a newish pub that is an old converted bank branch called Redwillow. Great beer and pork scratchings. We also managed to play pool after midnight and then went to a restaurant that had transformed into an impromptu drum and bass night. Good day out.

I liked this post on different types of weeknotes. Might give one of these a try next week.

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