Week 31/03/2019 – Week 30

Today is my birthday. 43 years old. I have had a lovely day. It is my sons 6th birthday tomorrow.

Looking backwards it was a rubbish start to the week. One of our great devs is leaving us. It feels like our transformation efforts are a little stuck. People felt on edge about a few things and lots of irritation around. I am also feeling a bit powerless. Annoyed about losing sight on some key changes. Made mistakes. Lacking focus or just spread too thin? I might have had a few drinks today. Next week will be better.

Anyway what about some good stuff looking forwards to being 43? Yes. The tough week will be better next week. A big release we have been working on is frustratingly close. We get that out of the way and lots of people will be happier. Me for certain.

I have made some good life changes this year. Lost some weight. Made running more of a habit. Running a half marathon in two weeks time hopefully faster than I have before. I am often too hard on myself. I really should not be. 43 will be a good year.

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