Week 07/04/19 – Week 31

Had a day off work for my youngest’s birthday on Monday. Took both boys to Air Haus a warehouse filled with a massive inflatable playground. I regret not going to play on it myself. That being said we bought him a skateboard for his birthday and I treated myself to one too because that is what a 43 year old man should do to conform to certain stereotypes. I had said to myself I would stay off it until after the half marathon. I should have stuck to that as I thought let’s just try a few ollies. Managed to land a few and was very smug. Beverly decided to video proof and of course I promptly decked it.

Back to work Tuesday and it has been a weird work with some big changes to the company and our team. I missed out on some chaotic changes on Monday and felt a bit guilty about it and also a bit jealous as there is nothing like a good bit of everyone working together on an emergency.

On Friday I went to an exciting event in Manchester. A Pay.UK roundtable on their new major projects, Confirmation of Payee and Request To Pay, at the chamber of commerce. Reminded me I don’t know enough about payments as there were jargon and acronyms being sprayed around that went so far over my head they lodged in the ornate ceilings and mocked me further from above.

At the weekend as part.of extended birthday celebrations I took my youngest son to Hillsborough to witness the majesty of Sheffield Wednesday. He loved it…up until Villa ruined it by scoring two goals in extra time. Welcome to life as a Wednesday fan son. Result aside I loved it.

Been a bit ill for over a week now. Since my son had tonsillitis last week the rest of the family have had chesty coughs none of us can shift. Worried that my peak half marathon fitness will have debilitated…useful excuse though for when I don’t finish 😉

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