Week 33 – 21/04/19

Think I realised what I like to do most. I don’t want to be investigating the constraints or working out what the measures should be for the product I want to be doing the designing once all that important stuff has been defined. Coming up with ideas on how to solve problems and design interfaces and services and stuff. I know this is a bad thing and is part of the designing…but it is annoying doing all that other stuff, well a lot harder than it should be.

I got called out for giving a negative update to some senior folk. A long project that is dragging way more than we hoped and I was pretty down about lack of progress. The people doing the graft though need me to be more upbeat especially as they are doing hard painful work to get this thing live and need motivation to continue. Really glad I got called out on it.

Thankfully it has been a lovely Easter Weekend. Friday a first trip to the National Videogame Museum. It is a bit average and needs some one with a bit more taste and love for video games. I wish Tigershungry could be involved in making it better. Saturday we finally got our kids a Nintendo Switch they had been saving for over a year. Went to the oldest football ground in the world. Had lots to drink with friends. Sunday we went to Longshaw and then for pizzas and more drinks. Lovely weekend. Sunshine is great isn’t it.

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