Week 38 – 26/05/19

Writing this from Olu Deniz in Turkey after sneaking away for a week. It has been a long day of travel but it is lovely.

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Big project had a go / no go meeting to decide if we could pick a release date and thankfully it was a go after some fine testing work. Thing scheduled for 4th of June. Can’t wait.

No running at all which was bad. Also lots of unhealthy (but pleasant) drinking and eating. Got back on the skateboard with the youngest. Trying to get him into pushing off and riding but he is a little reticent. Going to get a lesson soon with him. I need lessons too.

Finished Game of Thrones. Fairly enjoyable last series but I can see why lots are complaining. Felt a bit simplistic but still much better than a lot of dross on TV.

Next weeks note will be all about my experience with eating, drinking and swimming and smug Instagram photos…I hope.

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