Week 39 – 02/06/19

Back home on my sofa after a week in Turkey. Had a lovely time. First time going all inclusive with the kids. Mildly successful for one very fussy child.

Kids made friends on day two which made things much easier. Had a few outings with both families which was great including two boat trips and also a few inflatable sofas.

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Lads, lads, lads

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My son fell off the back of one at speed which was a bit of a heart in mouth moment but he thought it was awesome.

Managed to watch the three big football matches. Villa v Derby by the Pool bar with a Scottish Villa fan and two Celtic fans.

The Europa League final in a bar in Hisaranou with a huge screen and no people in the bar even though they served ridiculously cheap beer. The Champions League Final in a conference room in the hotel on a dodgy projector, Turkish commentary and a high ration of Spurs to Liverpool fans and I was supporting the reds due to my son being a bit of a fan and his mum being from quite near Liverpool (paper thin excuse).

Finally read a book (and got sunburnt doing it). First one since January. The Outsider by Stephen King. Enjoyable thriller that took a turn from a gruesome child murder whodunnit to something a little more supernatural.

Back to work tomorrow. Big project release date on Tuesday. An interesting week ahead. Hoping my sun tan helps me through it.

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