Week 42 – 23/06/2019

We had three workshops this week to kick off new teams. Excellently organised and run by Richard. Finally got teams focused on outcomes and more singular objectives with the freedom to do more creative work under the scope of those things. Interesting to see who revels in that and drives what could be built and who wants to be told what to build and all the interactions and differences between. Also wondering how well the product owner will do in this new world i.e. me.

Started reading Infinite Detail by Tim Maughan. Only a few chapters but kicked off with a young girl who draws the images of dead people in a post apocalyptic London although I am not sure what event caused the issues.

Finished The Good Fight series 3. Great telly. Great characters. Some over the top stories. Only drama really challenging the Trump government it seems and the shorts in it are excellent.

Started moving my blog from WordPress to Jekyll hosted on Github. Got stuck quickly. Thanks to a patient testing colleague (Hello Samuel) I got a little further. Being shown the way helps me get there faster that is for certain.

Only one run, better than none. Aiming for 3 next week because my belt is getting ever tighter.

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