Week 43 – 30/06/19

I write this note from a bed in the Copthorne Hotel in Slough. Been to Legoland for the day as it is my eldest Son’s birthday on Tuesday it has been a nice end to a very shitty week.

The very shitty bit was my role being put at risk on Wednesday. The company I work for has been bought out and on the same day as the announcement where the majority of the company found out about our glorious future a dozen or so of us found ourselves invited to a different room via a very similar looking email to the rest of the company. Cue confusion and panic and a very grim taxi journey into work for me as said email arrived while I was travelling. Massive shock and not really recovered yet. Cost cutting stings. Much more to say about this but now is not the right time or the write time.

Job hunting went pretty well. Great reaction to me sharing my new on Twitter and Linked In and I was properly cheered by the lovely people who shared my news along with warm words about me. Not a complete failure it seems. If I can seal a new role in the 60 day notice period I have will be a better measure of my worth.

Watched a lot of Glastonbury. Jon Hopkins and the Chemical Brothers favourite sets so far. Goat Girl the first thing I watched which I had no idea about beforehand but was gripped by it. Great coverage from the BBC on iPlayer this year although so much I would love to do to make it better.

I have said more than enough but not much of what I would like to write.

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