Week 45 – 14/07/19

Another week of being kind of jobless. I applied for a few things cold via Linked In and other recruitment websites. I also spoke with a few recruiters. Need to build momentum.

One of the places I would really like to work is in government. I went to a DfE recruitment event in Manchester. A great presentation from Jack Collier the design director to shwo the size of their challenge and to outline how they are building a new service organisation from almosts scratch. There were multiple other sessions. I went to one with Jordan Russell on how the trainee teacher placements are dealt with. Interesting insight into how the product teams are structured today (mainly contractors). I was interested in how people get into the Civil Service as I had actually applied for a role with the MoJ in Sheffield a few weeks earlier (and got rejected on the same day I got made redundant!). There was a session on the recruiting process and the method they use to consider CVs and cover letters. Clear where I had failed in my application. I now know lots more about strength profiles and DDATs and what they are looking for.

On Wednesday I went to a customer event of a potential employer. I had an informal interview lined up for Thursday and while researching them I saw they were having a customer forum which is an annual event where they update their customers on new developments in their industry and with their product. It was a great way to learn about the company, their product and their people preparing me much better for the chat on Thursday.

Wednesday evening I headed to Nottingham for the Design Exchange event. Mainly to see Dean Vipond of NHS Digital. He gave a great talk on the work they have had to do on the NHS website and it was a great presentation that showed real quality, care, skill and stress involved in making something worthy of the NHS. We got the train back north together and it was good to chat about recruitment challenges, learning leadership skills and balancing it all with kids.

Thursday I went for an informal chat at potential employer. It was a good couple of hours finding out more about the company and the role. It did not feel like an interview at all. More like an advert for the company and that was enjoyable. On Friday I got an offered the role. I have three more more interviews next week but I have a decision to make next week.

On Friday morning I went to my first ever spinning class. My wife had been trying to get me to go for a while and being on gardening leave while the kids are at school gave me no more excuses. I really enjoyed it. More of my thoughts on it are on Twitter.

Watched and enjoyed Years and Years. Good semi dystopian sci-fi which laid on the Brexit and Trump parallels a little thick but was really strong telly. Recommended. Hopefully my future will not be quick as bleak or require such a revolutionary approach.

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