Week 47 – 28/07/19

This week contained my last official day at U Account. I have been “working from home” since my role was put at risk but my official end date was the 26th with pay in lieu of notice period to follow. A weird end to my time there. Went in Wednesday for a final consultation meeting which lastd about 60 seconds as a woman I do not know told me my role was definitely going and did I have any questions? When am I getting paid my notice money? She did not know. Thanks for everything. Bye.

I have had several interviews over the last few weeks. I had one last interview to do and it did not go well. A real lack of rapport between myself and the interviewer and it was quickly worked out we were not right for each other. I asked questions which I am sure made sense but I was made to feel as if I had said the most stupid thing in the world. I beat myself up about it obviously.

In contrast I went for an informal chat with someone at another company who had no roles right now but was keen to meet. He was a great interviewer and we just had a lovely chat about making things, the politics of doing so and the engineering of fibre optics. I went for another chat with someone who was contracting with the government and again we had a really great chat about the challenges of interviews and the calibre of people they were getting through.

Thankfully I do not have to do another interview for the time being as I have accepted an offer from somewhere that also took a far more informal approach to interviewing and then offered me a role when I was actually expecting a more formal itnerview to be the next step which caught me unawares and I had to wait before accepting as I had other things lined up. Got a good feeling about the people there and more to say about this in the future.

Thankfully someone else in my old team also got a job before we officially finished our current one. She is going to a great company run by great people that will allow her to grow so much more. Proud.

Friday was for leaving celebrations. A few of us were leaving on that day so we had a good turn out. The drinks lasted long and a few of us made it until around 4.30. I will really miss these people but I will not miss the hangovers they have given me. Drinking with people in their 20s is not viable for a 43 year old.

Finished series 3 of the Handmaids Tale. Mixed kind of series. Got good towards the end as she found her way for the next series. I needed a similar sort of revelation although thankfully not brought about quite as brutally as poor June.

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