Week 50 – 18/08/19

A weird mix of a week that seems to have gone really fast (so fast I forgot to do a week note on Sunday evening). Also because I have to go back to work soon I suspect.

Walked up Win Hill with the boys.

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Been up Win Hill with these two puddings

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Also had a little walk round the Limb Valley.

My Sister visited with her 3 kids. All the kids played very nicely together. When they were not outside they spent most of the time on Gang Beasts.

Went Ten Pin Bowling. My eldest Son gets very frustrated becuase he cannot get a strike. then again so do I. Should be easy to hit that middle pin. Also the holes in bowling balls seem to be for people with fingers like twiglets as I have a hard time finding one my thumb fits in. This has the benefit of being used as a good excuse ‘I can’t grip it properly’ etc.

Went to another leaving do at my previous employers. One person leaving of his own accord. Another one due to a disgrace of a screw up with employment visas by said employer. Hardly anyone left in the engineering team and I heard about more that were leaving. What a mess. Company culture is such a fragile and important thing.

Discovered we had missed three episodes of The Handmaid’s Tale. Thought the ending was a little tame a few weeks ago. The real ending was much better.

Finally got Product Tank Sheffield announced. Looking forward to starting running an event with a few other, thankfully more organised, folk. First one September 12th and we are looking to do it every few months. Looking at the current sign up rate we might have a venue that is too small….a good problem to have.

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