Week 53 – 08/09/19

First full five day week at the new place. The culture continues to shine through and it is a very pleasant place to work. What I am starting to spot though is the things in the product that I want to fix. I am trying to hold back jumping to conclusions about things that seem obviously broken until i can understand the wider context of the product, why it works like that from an interface point of view and also from an organisational point of view. I got to visit my first two customers this week as well and it was enightening in many ways. The quality managers were proud advocates of the system but were also not afraid to get stuck in with some tough feedback for things it (and the company) needed to do better. Firm foundations but some improvements needed on some of the bits above ground.

A boozy child free weekend was enjoyed. Friday was a friends 40th party followed by late dancing in The Washington. Saturday was the funkfest at Abbeydale Brewery, a celebaration of all things sour in beer land. Lipsmackingly good. Top and tailed with Engalnd beating Bulgaria and a visit to Dead Donkey Cafe and back to a friends house for needless late beers. Good week.

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At the funkfest. Excellent scales.

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