Week 55 – 22/09/2019

Nipped across to Manchester on Monday evening for the NUX event. A great presentation by Katherine Wastell and Louise Nicholas from Co-op Digital on service mapping for communication. Really good indeed.

Work continues to be enjoyable. Loving learning something new again. No experience of the sector to fall back on so forcing me to learn more about quality and the customers we serve, which is obviously a good thing. It is also forcing me to firm up my knowledge of theory around design and product (as we have no designers and I am the only so called product person). I am liking this a lot.

Started reading Mr Mercedes by Stephen King. First of a trilogy that I have just discovered is a TV show too. Now I need to be disciplined about reading the books first.

My return to reading has not come without problems. Been using to my Kindle and reading in bed laid on my side. I have this week also had a weird should injury that I am not sure how it happened but it might be book related?! What a flimsy old weakling.

Took my youngest for his third visit to Hillsborough. Beautiful sunny day, with a couple of beautiful pints in a beer garden beforehand. Not the greatest of games but a last minute diving header made it worthwhile.

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