Week 56 – 29/09/2019

Went to a UX strategy event hosted by Bunnyfoot. The design team form my previous employer were all there even though they all now work at different places. There was also someone there we had hired but had to let go before they got in the door. I also recommended someone purely based on their Twitter avatar which is a first for a long time. The actual event content was also good. Very useful as I try to build design capability at my newish place of employment.

Caught up with lots of other ex colleagues at U at other events this week. Made me realise even more so what a special place it was.

Wednesday had drawn Everton in the League Cup and my MD is an Everton fan so he treated the Wednesday fans to a bit of corporate hospitality. Wednesday but out a weakened team and were punished for it in the first ten minutes with two terrible defended goals. After that though if we had a few better players on the park we could have done some damage. Good night out, below average match.

Went to see a gig for a band I had never heard of. It was great. Red Rum Club from Liverpool. Excellent smily front man and a nerdy trumpet player helped keep a decent crowd jumping.

We were slightly caught up in the Thomas Cook collapse. We had a trip booked for half term to Marrakech alas no more. We should get our money back though and we still have jobs so can’t complain too much at all.

My amazing wife having a very tough time at work. Hate to see her stressed and I recognise the symptoms far better in others because I clearly have suffered from them in the past and seeing her behaviour made me realise how long I was stressed. Thankfully she has overcome it like the amazing person she is.

Shoulder issue came back. Felt fat, fragile and old. Wanted to run to work but not enough to actually attempt it. Loser. I have booked an appointment with my GP to get it looked at but not until the 24th of October. Brexit Britain etc.

Finished watching Euphoria which I enjoyed. Very different. Smart representation of drugs. Not obvious endings or easy ways out. Also watched Rocketman which was not what we expected and was fairly average. Pretty rubbish representation of drugs.

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