Week 58 – 13/10/2019

This week someone left my new employers. The difference between how people left my previous employers was stark. There was cake and champagne in the office then almost everyone stopped work at 4pm and went off to the pub all lead by the MD. At my previous place it would so quiet when people left the office. Senior maangement would be invisible. Some of us would go the pub of course but it felt almost clandestine. A good indicator of culture quality if you ask me.

Week 7 done. Starting to understand the various metaphorical sausage machines. I have to redesign a couple of them. The main one being how we deal with requests for change to the software from both cusomters and employees. How that all ties into an outcome based roadmap (that I also need to create) is starting to consume my brain. Need to push past the analysis stage and actually make something.

I allowed some Instagram marketing to work on me this week. It was for Stewart Lee’s new book, March of the Lemmings. A collection of his columns on Brexit and a write up of his Content Provider show. The show write up is fantastic. A sort of directors commentary in text format that is jarring to read and follow on the page but that is brilliant insight to the process of it being created. Would love to have an extra layer which covered more on it being written and evolving. I do love the idea of working out loud…not so good at actually doing it.

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