Week 60 – 27/10/2019

Good week at work. Felt more competent and like I was getting a handle on things. I get frustrated that I can’t just take more on right now but our tech lead said a good thing that it will just happen by osmosis. I hope he is right. Need to be a bit bolder over the next few weeks though.

At my previous employer the fallout from the takeover rumbles on. Two more of the old exec team were put on leave. Another person resigned and I went to the leaving do of one of the tech leads. It was a great drink with lots of friendly faces, some of which were still employed there but they are incresingly few. I merged worlds by taking along someone from my new work too. Booze unites us all.

In more depressing news we should have flown to Morocco this week. Thomas Cook meant we did not. My wife and I had a few health and wellbeing goals tied to that holiday. I have failed at most of them.

Lose 21lbs – Lost about 5
Run 3 times per week – Most I have managed so far is two
Run to my new place of work by the end of September – Achieved!
Be able to touch my toes – Nope
A different exercise two times per week e.g. Running and something else like Kettles, Hiit or Spinning – Nope
Less than two hours per day mobile screen time – Nope. I have started using it less and not charging it by my bed but still nowhere near this.
Read at least 4 books – Achieved. Fired up a Kindle and it is working well.

So I managed 2 out of 7. Pathetic. November will hopefully see me get back on it. The exercise is the main thing I want to crack. We have some boozy weekends sxehduled though so it will take osme discipline but I have signed up for a 10k on the first Sunday of December so I have something concrete to aim for.

New goals for November

Lose 7lbs – Need to make this more concrete with a target weight starting from a weigh in tomorrow morning.
Run 3 times per week – Monday, Thursday to work. AN Other is the challenging one. Maybe a lunchtime run?
Run 70k in total this month.
Be able to touch my toes – this is a daily habit I need to do combined with other types of exercise. The daily habit is the key / hardest thing.

I listened to two whole podcasts this week which is very rare for me. I have started drving to and from work on a Tuesday for childcare reasons and I listened to Rule of Three with Robert Popper talking about The Hotel Inspector. Just a fascinating insight into the making of comedy and one of the greatest examples of it was discussed.

Secondly I listened to Adam Buxton’s interview with Chirs Morris. Massive Chris Morris fan and this interview was excellent because it is one of the few times I have really heard him relax and just talk. Very smart, very intense and someone I wish had far more output. Talking of which I finished watching the Day Shall Come this week. I started it last week but it did not grab me. Listening to the interview made me give it another shot but it still did not really win me over. It is an amazing tale based on true events but it was neither funny enough or dramatic enough to really make me enjoy it.

What did grab me (and my wife) was Motherland. We watched it all in two sittings and it is just fantastic. Some of the characters could have been plucked from our childrens school.

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