Week 62 – 10/11/2019

Stressful week and not sure why. A bit too much going on and not sure I have enough of it in control.

Trying to focus too much on the process over doing the actual work. I don’t think I have the right skills and experience to really feel like a designer but maybe I should be more confident in that area. Maybe a bit worried it won’t be good enough but I should just make some stuff and make it as good as we can with the things we have.

Sheffield flooded again. Not too badly where I live and work. The defences built after the last flood were just high enough to prevent our office being flooded again.

Managed to run twice. First a tortuous 5k on Monday then a slightly better 8k on Saturday. The flooding scuppered my other planned run to work on Thursday.

Went out for a meal with a friend. He knew the chef who was putting on a night in a pub. We also went to the football and it basically turned into a great day of drinking and eating and slightly annoying result fro Wednesday. I also had to pay £43 for a ticket which is horrific.

Enjoyed the FKA Twigs gig from Maida Vale on iPlayer. She is such an amazing performer. Spellbinding.

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