Week 63 – 17/11/2019

Good week. Met with our designer for the first time. He is an occasional contractor with us as we don’t yet have an in house team. Was great to discuss a few UX queries I have had around some patterns and behaviours. We seem to have drifted from the original wireframes over time as we build lots at high speed. We are all keen that the system we launch is as good as possible and a few tweaks and changes now I think will be very beneficial. We have started with the beginnings of a design system to bring some rules to key elements, buttons, links, sections, fields etc. To give us a stronger framework to build on and also to have us learn more about design as a whole.

Product tank Sheffield S02E02 approaches. Walked through a talk with one of the speakers and it is great.

Managed three runs this week for the first time in ages. Pleasing but painful as I am struggling to lose weight. Two weeks until the Percy Pud 10k and I will certainly be pudding like trundling round but at least I might get round.

Talking of which, three impromptu pub visits brightened the week further.

I have been reading Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials ahead of the TV show being on. I also wanted to see if both were suitable for my nine year old. He started reading the books today and has got straight into them which is always a joy. Still not sure if the TV version might be a bit.much for him. Will keep watching to make sure.

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