Week 65 – 01/12/2019

Things I enjoyed last week.

Enjoyed doing my first demo to the whole company even though it went wrong at the start. Enjoyed my first Friday lunch pub visit with colleagues.

Enjoyed flexing my grumpiness against HSBC in this Linked In post.

Enjoyed being invited to a slightly clandestine meeting about hosting inclusive events and learning what it feels like at events that are less than inclusive from a point of view that I do not have.

Enjoyed listening to podcasts on my Tuesday and Wednesday driving commute. I enjoyed Rule of Three with Katy Brand talking about the Red Dwarf books and Dirty Dancing. I enjoyed the comedians comedian with Ellie Taylor because I could relate to a lot of what she was saying about imposter syndrome and not fitting in but less about being an ex-model.

Enjoyed buying some presents for some people. Enjoyed organising Amazon wishlists.

Enjoyed the Percy Pud 10k. Enjoyed running only about a minute slower than last year while weighing about 10lbs more. Enjoyed two pints and a mince pie afterwards with Faye and Jack.

Enjoyed watching football cuddled on the sofa with my six year old. Leicester vs Everton randomly. Enjoyed watching One world, Seven Planets after the football cuddled up on the sofa with my nine year old.

Enjoyed skipping the posting of my week note on my regular Sunday night slot to go to the pub with my wife as we had babysitters i.e. my parents are visiting.

Enjoyed a visit to a new localish pub called the Two Thirds Beer Co. Enjoyed the pint of Lervig Tasty Juice I had there too.

Enjoyed this different format weeknote.

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