Week 68 – 22/12/2019

Went to see a company that makes, plants and detonates explosives for construction and mining purposes. Doing some exploratory research on a piece of old software and what the user needs really are. Killer line from one of our users. It needs to be more focused on the schedule than the individual user records. A seemingly innocuous line but one that explains a lot of the design decisions taken in the past for mutliple modules of the software and perhaps due to its origin history of being software for dealing with controlled documents i.e. quite singular records. I wish we had recorded the interviews.

Went to the pub with a bunch of old colleagues from U Account. A good bunch. Made me tweet this after which I stand by now sober.

Good week at work that showed great signs of the culture. Nice gift of wine and cheese for everyone. Everyone went to the pub before some headed off for the break on Friday. Quite a lot of team lunches over the week too. All signs of a great culture/I do enjoy a good social event.

That being said I am feeling a bit boozed out and fat. Got a lot more drinking and eating to do yet though. All in the name of Jesus obviously.

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