Week 69 29/12/2019

I finally missed a week. Week 68 I made some notes but could not be bothered to post. End of year laziness. I have now gone back and posted it anyway but a week late as if to somehow keeping the streak going.

Back to this week. Monday and Tuesday working. Final days of the year and not back in until the 6th of January. Tidy up of the backlog. Make sure people in over Xams have things to do. Plan some things for when I get back.

Nice half day on Tuesday and then all those working went for a swift pint or two which was a nice way to end the year.

Xmas week has featured lots of friends. Drinks with our neightbours Monday. A meal with friends Xmas Eve. Friends round on Boxing Day too. Been a good week so far. Xmas day was just for us and we had a quick walk to the park, a swift pint and then back for dinner. Cooked an amazing bit of Turkey and had some nice wine.

Family visits started on the 27th and then again on the 30th. Then we will be done. We have another meal with friends on New Years Day then I think dry and healthy January will be calling. Looking forward to it. Need my jeans to fit more comfortably again.

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