Week 70 – 05/01/2020

Getting a bit slack with the week notes. Another one two days late. Getting back to work next week might give me a little boost. My blog has been transferred to Amazon Lightsail and I also had to transfer my domain which has got screwed up. So this post is not public anyway yet…

Had a good week. Went swimming with the boys then watched Infinity War. Then a few days later Endgame. They loved it. Mummy was not so enamoured with the amount of swearing in it.

Got a half season ticket at Hillsborough. Went to see Wednesday lose to Hull. Also took my youngest to a Man City game against Port Vale. Good for him to experience as much about football as possible.

Threw lots of things away. Mainly old childrens toys. Knock on effect is empty space and new options for reorganisition. I now want to change the function of a couple of rooms in the house. Surely some soert of wanky product parallel there but I am not at work yet.

Booked a wedding anniversary trip to Amsterdam at the beginning of March. Something excellent to look forward too.

12 weeks to the Sheffield half marathon. Set up a fitness plan. On a diet. Got some goals. Hopefully I acheive these ones. Having actual races to do does focus the mind a little more. Got two more races in my sights for May and June to keep things going through the summer.

This post by Simon Wilson on running is a decent bit of inspiration (as is the Andrew Travers post he links to).

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