Week 71 – 12/01/2020

Blog domain still down following a transfer and me moving the blog to AWS. Wonder which one is really to blame. Fiver says me.

Good week getting into the design of another piece of software. I need to spend more time in the detail to get the penny to drop on things these days it seems or I am just being harsh on myself. Trying to tread a fine line between migrating old software designs to a new tech stack / interface (ensuring a migration path for existing customers exists) and saying we could do this so much better/simpler/slicker. Need to beware my opinion and biases but also try and stick to my guns a little. Hoping to start some proper user research in a few weeks to help us build on former foundations. I feel like I may have said this before.

Fitness plan going well and have exercised ten times this week including three runs. Eaten well. Lost six pounds. Would like to lose a lot more before the half marathon.

Went to Kommune Saturday lunch with friends. Drank water. Very challenging knowing Hop Hideout had lovely beers on just metres away. Stayed strong.

Polished off the second series of Nighty Night with my wife who has never seen it. She loved it and is now onto Joan and Jericha which is equally as bleak and filthy.

I will try and make these things more interesting soon. They reflect my dull life/dour outlook though so maybe they should stay as they are for now.

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