Week 72 – 19/01/2020

This week at work I had three days of internal auditor training. Specifically how to audit management systems ISO 9001 (Quality) and ISO 27001 (Information Security). Good course content that helped to bring to life the standards and kicked off lots of ideas on how we could tie them more closely to our software. Also good to spend time with a group of colleagues I do not work so closely with. Lots of input into the software and what they would like to see change also some good stories and gossip that I did not know about. All help to make for a better product.

On my drive to work Tuesday I saw a Kesterl grab a Wood Pigeon and then land on the road in front of me. Stopped the car and reved the engine and the Kestrel had to let go and the Pigeon flew away to live to flight another day.

Moved my PS4 to somewhere more accessible in the house i.e. somewhere I will be more likely to play it after 2.5 years of not doing so. Got a load of games from three years ago still to play. Arkham Knight and No Man’s Sky the first things I have picked up. Arkham Knight very enjoyable mix of stealth, puzzle solving and ridiculous plot lines with major baddies seemingly trapping Batman very easily after he expertly (guided by me) stealthed/fought his way into the bosses lair.

Watched Ricky Gervais’ After Life. The TV show not literally a glimpse into the other place. Soome good funny bits some annoying Gervais stand up bits.

Went to the physio after getting a frozen shoulder a few months ago. I was not sure what they were going to say as my shoulder was largely healed but some pain still. A few simple yet painful exercises later and he had diagnosed my weak spot. Recommended a few daily exercises with just a 3kg weight that are absolute killers. The magic of knowing the right place to hit for healing.

Fitness going well. Lost some weight. Did a PB on the run to work. Ran (at almost walking pace) up some horrible Sheffield hills. 10 weeks to the half marathon. Also got a place in the Round Sheffield Run.

Product tank Sheffield organisation kicked off again with a dry january lunch in the pub. Got three speakers lined up. A couple of dates to choose from towards the end of February and we just need to nail down a venue now.

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