Week 76 – 16/02/2020

Went to see a manufacturing customer in West Yorkshire. They make carpets and fibre fillings in a massive factory with machines old and new and it was brilliant. Would make a fantastic setting for a zombie movie or a first person shooter.

Spent some time interviewing a very experienced auditor. We are building a new version of our auditing module and we are trying to understand where the software fits into the audit process. Most auditors are heavily pen and paper users while they work. Can’t force people to be digital without some real value to make the shift, as well as equipment to use. Or how do you make the act of transcript after the fact easier?

The sprint that seemed over full got last week got mostly complete with a few exceptions. We have a ‘proper’ retro on Wednesday to look into the cause of those issues and a few other things.

Went to see SWFC be crap again. Put me in a very bad mood mainly becuase my son has still not seen them win yet. The manager cannot have much time left. Having a season ticket is not good for my blood pressure either.

Finished Arkham Knight on the PS4. Started God of War which to took a while to get into. Kept dying a lot. The switch to muscle memory of new controls in a game after palying something else for 30 hours or so. The moment a game grips you is great though. As you start to master the controls and the way your skills develope in the game are great. Something there to learn for product design.

Watched Whitehouse Farm and Dead Winter fell. Ok but just a bit bland. Obvious. Tough crowd.

Failed full half marathon hill. 5.2k all climb (after have already run 6.5k. Blame storm Dennis.

Children despatched to the in laws on Sunday evening for a few days of half term. Snuck out for a rare Sunday evening tea out.

I have a note above where I write these notes to add some headings like Matt Edgar’s weeknotes. It has been there a few months. One day maybe I won’t scroll past it. But not today.

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